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The Bump to Birth Method
An evidence based, on demand online program to help you have less pain and pelvic floor symptoms in pregnancy, prepare mentally and physically for birth including minimize tearing plus have a smoother postpartum recovery.

(The Group Program option for Bump to Birth is open 2 times this year. The spring group is now closed with the next group opening in fall 2022)
What you’re going to get:
  • Step by step guidance through video and audio lessons (for you and your partner) from the comfort of your own home
  • Use these lessons so you can instantly start addressing your pain and pelvic floor symptoms in pregnancy and build confidence physically and mentally as your pregnancy progresses in preparation for birth and throughout your postpartum recovery. You have lifetime access to the program content.
  • Easy to fit in exercises and strategies with each lesson
  • This will be invaluable in changing pain or leaking pee in pregnancy and as you prepare for birth plus help you have a smoother postpartum recovery.
  • Learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace so that it fits with your schedule
  • Perfect for if you want to gain the information to have a more comfortable pregnancy, feel fully prepared physically and mentally for birth and navigate your postpartum recovery on your own schedule.
  • “My first birth was a lot more difficult than I had expected. I joined Bump to Birth because I wanted to feel more prepared and my second birth was 1000% better!”
  • - Courtny, mom of 2
  • “Definitely feeling more prepared and confident for birth after going through Bump to Birth. It’s given me a lot more education about pregnancy than I wouldn't have received with standard pre-natal care. I feel less anxious and have a better understanding of my pelvic floor and core in pregnancy and for postpartum.”
  • - Sarah, first time mom

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