The Bump to Birth Method (2.0)
A step-by-step online program for pregnant people who want to have less pain and pelvic floor symptoms in pregnancy, prepare mentally and physically for birth including how to minimize tearing plus have a smoother postpartum recovery.

  • ​Are you wanting to prepare your pelvic floor for birth?
  • ​Are you wondering if there's more you can do than Kegels (and even if Kegels are right for you?)
  • ​Are you struggling with pelvic girdle pain or leaking pee in pregnancy and want to address it before birth?
  • ​Are you wanting to prepare for this birth to go smoother than your first?
  • ​Are you concerned your body won't be ready for birth and that you should be doing more to prepare?
  • ​Are you wanting to have less fear and more confidence about the pushing phase in birth?
  • ​Are you wanting to prepare for your postpartum recovery while you're pregnant plus have guidance how to nagivate your recovery once you give birth?

Yes? I can't wait to show you how in the Bump to Birth Method!

Bump to Birth is an on demand online program created by a perinatal pelvic health physiotherapist to guide you how to understand your pelvic floor and core in pregnancy to address pain and pelvic floor symptoms, prepare mentally and physically for labour and pushing so that you feel calm and confident heading into birth which will help you also navigate your postpartum recovery!
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join 
The Bump to Birth Method
Bump to Birth includes 9 main modules with video and downloadable audio lessons and complimentary handouts that are all accessible as soon as you enroll so you can go through at your own pace.

Module 1
Understand Your Pelvic Floor & Core in Pregnancy 

    Get to know your pelvic floor and core, helpful posture and breathing strategies plus changes your body goes through in pregnancy.

Module 2 
Connecting to Your Pelvic Floor & Core in Pregnancy

    Learn how to connect your breath with your pelvic floor for strengthening and relaxation beyond traditional Kegels.

Module 3
Strategies for Common Pelvic Floor Symptoms & Pain in Pregnancy

    Learn helpful strategies and exercises for common symptoms including pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (SPD, SI, hip, low back pain), different types of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, internal pelvic pain, constipation & diastasis.

Module 4
Strategies to Prepare Your Body & Pelvic Floor for Labour

    Learn about baby positioning in pregnancy and exercises to help prepare your body for birth as well as perineal massage.

Module 5
Strategies for your Mind, Body & Pelvic Floor in Labour

    Learn about the stages of labour, mindset strategies for labour, informed consent, coping strategies for labour, labour positions and more! Also access the bonus meditation/affirmation audio track with pelvic floor relaxation cuing that you can use in labour plus bonus expert interview on epidurals and pain medications for birth.

Module 6
Strategies to Support You and Your Pelvic Floor During Pushing

    Learn about types, timing and positions for pushing plus ways to minimize tearing. Learn about tearing and episiotomies and interventions including vacuum, forceps and cesarean birth so you can be prepared ahead of birth.

Module 7
Preparing Your Partner to Support You During Birth

    You and your partner can access the Partner Labour Prep Workshop walking you both through labour support strategies so you both can feel more confident heading into birth.

Module 8
Preparing for Postpartum During Pregnancy

    Learn about planning ahead for postpartum support and recovery items to have ready plus bonus expert interview on postpartum physical, mental and emotional support. 

Module 9
Navigating Your First 6 Weeks Postpartum Recovery

    Learn how to reconnect and retrain your pelvic floor and core starting early on postpartum including a 6 week exercise series with strategies to help day to day movements plus vaginal and cesarean scar massage. This module includes a bonus postpartum meditation track to support you with your recovery and transition into motherhood/parenthood.


  • Expert interviews on strength training in pregnancy and labour induction, 3 strength training workouts, Core & Pelvic Floor Yoga class for both pregnancy and postpartum plus hospital & homebirth birth bag lists.
When you enroll in The Bump to Birth Method you get 
LIFETIME access to the program content!

Value of Program + Bonuses = $997 CAD
Enroll now in the Bump to Birth Method for 
Only $357 CAD 
(converts to approximately $279 USD)
(Bump to Birth Method option with facebook community and Q&A sessions with Anita will return in 2022 offered 2 times a year)
Hi, I'm Anita Lambert the creator of the Bump to Birth Method and co-host of the To Birth & Beyond podcast. 

I'm a mom of two, a perinatal pelvic health physiotherapist with a focus on prenatal and postpartum care and am one of the select few physiotherapists in Canada to complete physiodoula training which blends orthopaedic physiotherapy expertise and birth doula support and now assist this course for other physiotherapists in Canada.

I'm passionate about helping you connect more with your body including pelvic floor plus keep you active and comfortable during pregnancy while you prepare for birth which will give you a head start on your postpartum recovery.

Having gone through two pregnancies, births and postpartum recoveries myself, I know how confusing information can be online about pregnancy exercise, pelvic floor health and preparing for birth. Generally the only information given is to do hundreds of Kegels and maybe perineal massage.

I hear daily from expecting and new moms “why did no one tell me?’ about what our body might experience - whether aches, pains, leaking urine with exercises or vaginal tearing or recovering from a Cesarean birth. 

No one can guarantee how your birth will go. However having worked with hundreds of expecting moms in my physiotherapy practice plus going through my own experiences, I've seen how working together with your body (rather than ignoring it) benefits not only you in pregnancy but also during birth and your postpartum recovery. 

This is why I created the Bump to Birth Method!
Take a Look at What Past 
Bump to Birth Method Clients Have to Say:
"The pelvic floor strategies from the Bump to Birth Method program helped me with my pelvic pain and be able to empty my bladder more completely in pregnancy, reducing the many extra trips to the bathroom – big win!

This program made such a difference in my second birth. I was able to articulate my fears about labour and birth to my husband with the information from module 3 and I used the birth preference document to help me go through a lot of different potential labour scenarios in my mind. This made it so much easier to face something that was not my preference and stay present in the moment.
I used a lot of the comfort measures in labour from the course which I didn’t know were options in my first birth. The bonus birth affirmation meditation track that I listened to daily during pregnancy helped me stay present during our drive to the hospital while in labour and not get too caught up in the pain and what would happen next.

When it came to pushing, I was able to connect with my pelvic floor while taking direction from my midwife. Before this course and seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist, I couldn’t even describe where my pelvic floor was never mind using it during birth. Such a wonderful gift - thank you!"

- Jen K, mom of 2

“Bump to Birth has taught me more than just how to physically prepare for birth, but also mentally and emotionally.

I learned how to manage my pubic symphysis pain so I could exercise and keep up with my toddlers until I gave birth. I used the flower bloom breath to release tension in my pelvic floor but also to help push my baby into the world.
From learning labour and pushing positions, to comfort strategies (the hip squeeze helped me tremendously) and tips for postpartum recovery, I felt more prepared and calm going into this birthing experience than my previous two births.

Bump to Birth gave me confidence in knowing I was capable of giving birth again. With the losses we suffered and an early complication with baby Sloane, I found myself anxious at times. This course played a pivotal role in giving myself permission to surrender and be in the present moment.
I highly recommend Bump to Birth if you're wanting to feel supported and confident going into birth." 

- Martine, mom of 3
“After the birth of my first child I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse. I was extremely hesitant about having another child but knew our family wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t try again. I came across Bump to Birth and knew this was the birth prep course I needed to help me have the best possible birth experience and outcome.

Fast forward to today and I’m 2 weeks postpartum with my second and had the most amazing birth experience and feel fantastic. Anita gave me all the tools to make the best educated decisions for my body and how to preserve my existing prolapse to the best of my ability. I was so much more prepared mentally and physically this time and felt so confident going into this pregnancy and labor that I can’t recommend this course enough. “

- Nicole, mom of 2
“ Bump to Birth explores the pelvic floor and core related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum that is rarely talked about in prenatal classes. The pelvic floor is always impacted during pregnancy and childbirth and unfortunately we don't think much of it until we have symptoms like leaking urine with exercise.

Being a pelvic floor physiotherapist myself, hands down I would recommend this program to my patients. Not only does Bump to Birth go through anatomy and role of the pelvic floor muscles in pregnancy and beyond, it teaches many practical skills which are easy to incorporate into your daily routine to prepare for birth."

- Miral, first time mom

$357 CAD

(converts to approximately $279 USD)

On demand - self study option: Perfect for you if you want to know how to have a comfortable pregnancy, feel fully prepared physically and mentally for birth and navigate your postpartum recovery at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

*Includes: Lifetime access to the program content + Bonuses*

(The Bump to Birth Method option with facebook community and Q&A sessions with Anita will return in 2022 offered 2 times a year)

"I found all the information in Bump to Birth on pain in pregnancy, labour and birth positions, how to do perineal massage and preparing the pelvic floor for birth really useful! I've struggled with pelvic girdle pain and found the exercises made such a difference! I'm now using all of the pelvic floor relaxation suggestions from the program to better prepare for labour."

- Emma J, first time mom

"Loved Bump to Birth! The labour strategies and pushing techniques were very helpful along with the labour support person section for my husband. I felt more prepared for my third birth and feel like my pelvic floor is significantly doing better after my third than it was about my first or second. I'm now loving the week by week exercises for my postpartum recovery. 

- Andrea S, third time mom

(converts to approximately $279 USD)
You deserve to have a comfortable and active pregnancy.

I want YOU to see how incredible and resilient your body is in pregnancy, during birth and postpartum.

You deserve to learn up-to-date and evidence informed education about your pelvic floor and core that's rarely talked about in pregnancy and for birth plus how to navigate a smoother postpartum recovery.

I’m here for you,


$357 CAD

(converts to approximately $279 USD)

On demand - self study option: Perfect for you if you want to know how to have a comfortable pregnancy, feel fully prepared physically and mentally for birth and navigate your postpartum recovery at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

*Includes: Lifetime access to the program content + Bonuses*

(The Bump to Birth Method option with facebook community and Q&A sessions with Anita will return in 2022 offered 2 times a year)

"It's been so helpful to learn about pushing, tearing and birth interventions. I feel more prepared for my second birth. I wish I had this knoweldge with my first!"  

- Amy H, second time mom

"I feel a lot more prepared for this birth. I didn't have the opportunity to go into labour and have my baby vagianlly the first time due to her being in a breech positino so I'm hoping this time around will be different. I've been so mentally prepared for all the ways things can happen that no matter what route we go, I'll go into it confidently and with an open mind. 

At this stage in pregnancy I'm already treating my pelvic floor mindfully and am prepared each day with simple exercises. I struggles alot in the beginning with pelvic pain, I've been practicing the exercises and posture from Bump to Birth which has helped tremendously compared to my last pregnancy! Anita provides so many invaluable tools to prepare for birth that I feel more calm, conident and at ease about everything in this pregnancy." 

- Jenny W, 23 weeks pregnant with second baby

(converts to approximately $279 USD)
The Bump to Birth Method Is Backed By A
100% Invest With Confidence Guarantee
Here’s how the guarantee works: 

I want you to be totally happy with The Bump to Birth Method. So just click the button to sign up, and you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page. After you enter your information, you’ll be given instant access to the program. Then, go through the material and use it to start having a more comfortable pregnancy and to prepare for birth plus postpartum recovery. And, if after 7 days you aren’t completely and totally satisfied for any reason, we will give you your full investment back. It’s all risk-free. No hassles, no hard feelings.
When is the best time to join the Bump to Birth Method? 
The Bump to Birth Method was created to help you in pregnancy and prepare ahead for birth. The hundred + pregnant people who’ve already gone through Bump to Birth have joined in their first, second, third trimester and have all benefited from the step by step guidance. An ideal time to join is in your first, second trimester or early third trimester to be able to implement each step and have a more comfortable pregnancy plus prepare ahead with your partner and talk to your care provider prior to labour.
How long do I have access to the Bump to Birth Method program? 
You have lifetime access to the program content so if you're planning another pregnancy in the future, you'll be able to return to the full program plus review as many times as you'd like. There are many moms who've used Bump to Birth to prepare for more than one birth. You also get access to any future updates.
Life is busy during my pregnancy, will I have time to go through the program? 
Having gone through pregnancy twice and working with pregnancy clients daily in clinic, I totally understand how busy life is which is why I created most lessons to be 5-10 minutes long so you can easily fit them in plus easy ways to implement the info you’ve learned. Any exercises included takes at most 10 minutes a day. Bump to Birth also saves you hours of googling and guides you step by step on what actually matters to help you have a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for birth.
 What if I’m planning to see a pelvic health physiotherapist in pregnancy. Will the Bump to Birth Method still be useful?
Definitely! A number of expecting moms have gone through Bump to Birth while seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist and found it very helpful to have the video and audio teachings to solidify what they learned in physio sessions or was the perfect addition to information not discussed in their appointments. While every pelvic health physiotherapist is trained in assessing and treating your pelvic floor, not everyone has done any or extensive training in prenatal care, birth prep and labour support which has been the focus of my clinical practice for years now including assisting courses that teach physiotherapists about labour prep.

This Bump to Birth Method has been designed for any stage during pregnancy for the general pregnant person. Information, advice and material given is from research evidence, personal and clinical experience and should not be considered medical advice or instruction. 

The Bump to Birth Method does not provide individualized medical assessment, treatment or advice and is not a medical service.

The Bump to Birth Method is a program created by a physiotherapist but is not considered to be physiotherapy assessment or treatment. This is a program for the general pregnant person but does not replace an individual assessment by a pelvic health physiotherapist, your physician or midwife. If you have questions/concerns pertaining to your body during pregnancy, consult your physician, midwife and pelvic health physiotherapist.

All physical activity carries the inherent risk of injury. If you engage in any exercises in the Bump to Birth Method, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Your voluntary participation in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Anita Lambert from any and all claims.

Results of the Bump to Birth Method  may vary depending on adherence to program and the many uncontrolled factors involved with birth. The Bump to Birth Method and Anita Lambert does not guarantee any specific pelvic floor or core results at any point during pregnancy, birth or at any point postpartum. 

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