Discover how to effectively connect to your pelvic floor in pregnancy to prepare for birth without doing 100s of Kegels 
 (plus 2 key postures for less pain in pregnancy).
In this free masterclass, Anita will take you through the first step of her Bump to Birth Method framework so you can feel less overwhelmed and have up-to-date information about how to begin preparing your pelvic floor in pregnancy for birth.
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Hosted by Anita Lambert
Hi I’m Anita Lambert, perinatal pelvic health physiotherapist, trained physiodoula, creator of the Bump to Birth Method, cohost of the To Birth & Beyond Podcast and mom of 2.

I’m here to help you connect more with your body including pelvic floor early on in pregnancy to help you have a comfortable pregnancy and prepare your body for birth. Having worked with hundreds of pregnant people in my physiotherapy practice and in my Bump to Birth Method online program plus going through my own experiences, I’ve seen how working together with your body (rather than ignoring it) benefits not only you in pregnancy but also during birth and postpartum recovery.

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