On Demand Workshop:
Prepare You & Your Pelvic Floor for Pushing 
This online workshop is for you if you want to feel prepared, calm and confident for pushing during birth including how to minimize tearing which can help you have a smoother postpartum recovery.

(You have lifetime access to watch the workshop as often as you'd like)
  • ​Are you wanting to prepare your pelvic floor for pushing beyond traditional Kegels?
  • ​Are you wondering if perineal massage would be helpful to prepare your pelvic floor for birth?
  • ​Are you wanting to know up-to-date options for pushing strategies and positions for an unmedicated and/or medicated birth?
  • ​Are you wanting to feel fully prepared physically and mentally to push before your labour day?
  • ​Are you wanting to have less fear and more confidence about the pushing phase in birth?

Whether you’re giving birth for the first, second or fifth time - this workshop is for you if you’re wanting to skip the overwhelm and get key strategies to feel calm and confident when it comes to pushing during birth.

In this 2 hour on demand workshop you'll learn:

  • How to prepare your pelvic floor in pregnancy for pushing (ps it’s not about Kegels)
  • Perineal massage to prepare mentally and physically for pushing
  • Types of pushing (spontaneous vs coached)
  • ​Timing for pushing (delayed vs immediate) 
  • ​Breathing options for pushing (open glottis vs closed glotts)
  • ​Pushing positions (for both medicated and unmedicated options)
  • ​How to minimize tearing
  • ​How your partner can support you during pushing
  • ​Informed consent
  • ​Questions to ask your care provider during pregnancy before labour day
Bonuses include:
* PDF handout to compliment what you learn in the workshop
* Lifetime access to the on demand workshop

Value of workshop = $157 CAD/$120 USD

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" Thanks so much for creating this workshop. I learned several new terms and techniques that I wasn't aware of last time around. It's exactly what I was looking for and helped me feel calmer, confident and less stressed knowing these strategies about pushing. "

Ganpath, third trimester second time mom

" Wanted to let you know that your breath work, pelvic floor relaxation cues, using the peanut ball and rolled up towel technique from your prepare for pushing workshop really helped me during birth! "

Lisa , first time mom 

" I wanted to prepare myself with knowledge for pushing before getting pregnant. Loved learning about correct perineal massage, pushing positions and helpful breathing options during pushing. 
I'd definitely recommend this workshop to my pregnant friends - 10/10! "

Kalyn, preparing for first pregnancy

" This prepare for pushing workshop was so informative and thorough - Thank you! "

Katherine, first time mom

Hi, I'm Anita Lambert the creator of the Bump to Birth Method, owner of Holistic Health Physiotherapy and co-host of the To Birth & Beyond podcast. 

I'm a mom of two, a perinatal pelvic health physiotherapist with a focus on prenatal and postpartum care and am one of the select few physiotherapists in Canada to complete physiodoula training which blends orthopaedic physiotherapy expertise and birth doula support and now co-teach this course for other physiotherapists in Canada.

I'm passionate about helping you connect more with your body including pelvic floor plus keep you active and comfortable during pregnancy while you prepare for birth which will give you a head start on your postpartum recovery.

Having gone through two pregnancies, births and postpartum recoveries myself, I know how confusing information can be online about pregnancy exercise, pelvic floor health and preparing for birth. Generally the only information given is to do hundreds of Kegels and maybe perineal massage.

I hear daily from expecting and new moms “why did no one tell me?’ about what our body might experience - whether aches, pains, leaking urine with exercises or vaginal tearing or recovering from a Cesarean birth. 

No one can guarantee how your birth will go. However having worked with hundreds of expecting moms in my physiotherapy practice and in my Bump to Birth Method online program plus going through my own experiences, I've seen how working together with your body (rather than ignoring it) benefits not only you in pregnancy but also during birth and your postpartum recovery. 

This is why I created the Prepare You & Your Pelvic Floor for Pushing Workshop!

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